10kW Solar Power System, Installed Price.

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Solar panels | German-made or LG | 10kW.

Achieve greatness with our industry leading range of SolarWatt, SolarWorld and LG solar panels. High performance solar panels built tough for the harsh Australian conditions.

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High-performance German-made solar panels
Industry leading Fronius or SMA central inverter technology

Inverter tech | Fronius or SMA | 10kW.

The worlds greatest central inverter technologies, Fronius & SMA, infused as the foundation of your new future energy home or work, with adaptable software and advanced communication capabilities.

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Battery ready | SolarWatt MyReserve 500.

The ingenious and proven energy storage technology powering BMW electric vehicles available in your home. 100% compatible with any Perth Solar Warehouse 10kW solar power system.

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Battery ready with the revolutionary SolarWatt MyReserve
Web-assisted production monitoring package

Web-assisted monitoring.

Intuitive and user friendly software built for you. Apple, Android, desktop PC, wherever you are, stay connected and in control of your new 10kW solar power system. Beautifully configured and ready for you, by us.

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Schletter solar panel mounting system.

MADE IN GERMANY and the only solar panel mounting system proven to support the life of your new 10kW solar power system in real time. It’s not spin, it’s fact. Being colour coded to perfection is simply a bonus.

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German-made Schletter solar panel mounting system

DC cable tech | German-made | Ultra-efficiency.

Hikra (HIS Renewables) advanced low loss DC cable technologies ensure the power from your solar panels to your inverter is delivered in the best possible manner to convert the most power possible from the sun.

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German-made Hikra (HIS Renewables) low-loss DC cable

Precision PSW in-house installation.

Guaranteed for the life of your 10kW solar power system. Understand that a solar system is only ever as good as the individual which installed it. Avoiding sub-contract labour we ensure the life of the entire package.

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Precision in-house installation

10-year minimum entire package warranty.

  • Solar panel performance warranty; 25 or 30 years.
  • Solar panel product warranty; 20, 25 or 30 years.
  • Inverter warranty; 10 years.
  • Solar panel mounting system warranty; 10 years.
  • Workmanship warranty; 10 years.

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Minimum 10-year whole package warranty

Mind blowing performance.

Performance ahead of the rest. Proven results matter. No other 10kW solar power system is as refined all-round to achieve proven performance as a Perth Solar Warehouse solar energy system.

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Mind Blowing Performance


Customise & save, or general, you choose! Essentially you’ll always need a customised price, but we understand something general is all your are after, at times, while weighing up what is right for you.

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