And here your project sits until 1 week prior to your installation date.

What’s happening?

It’s all about you. In all honesty we are prioritising your installation. Your specific project is being reviewed once again by every Perth Solar Warehouse team member involved in your project including your dedicated installation team.

Ensuring your project happens hassles is our absolute priority. Every member of the Perth Solar Warehouse team wants to earn your honest online review. We hope you won’t forget.

What should you expect?

  1. 5 working days prior to installation you will receive an email from your dedicated Perth Solar Warehouse project manager confirming your installation commencement
  2. You will receive another copy of your invoice with the remaining amount owing towards your project due on the day of installation.

You’re about to experience pure excellence.

Everything you ever hoped for out of an energy system is about to be exceeded. What’s best is it happens from installation and is defined by time. The time you planned to manage your savings and surpass. That time to be greater than average is almost here.

Eager to find out more about your project during this phase? Please visit Projects Contact for a range of support options catered specifically for you.