Final payment verification. By now this phase should be completely squared off. It’s an opportunity for your project administrator and our accounts department to come together have a cup of tea and make sure everything is spot on.

What’s happening?

Essentially we are ensuring your $0 balance is recorded across all Perth Solar Warehouse departments associated with your project no matter which payment method you elected.

What should you expect?

An invoice emailed to your nominated email address confirming your $0 balance.

  • If you elected to pay by EFT or Credit Card this will be an expedited stage.
  • If you are paying by cheque, your project will remain in this phase a little longer.
  • Interest Free payments unfortunately remain here for an extended period until the final all clear is delivered.

It’s been an exciting journey and we’re almost done.

Not long now and we can almost mark your solar energy system as complete. If our process all seems a little excessive, it was designed with your ultimate experience at the forefront. Our boss (who we are reminded that’s you!) wanted complete customer satisfaction, no matter the individuality of every project. As a team we hope we are delivering beyond your expectations.

Eager to find out more about your project during this phase? Please visit Projects Contact for a range of support options catered specifically for you.