No unforeseen additional costs.

One team policy.

The end user shall receive no unforeseen additional costs in supply, installation or servicing to product care under warranty unless specific variables or exclusions are identified in writing to the end user. As one team, PSW Energy are not subjected to unpredictable site specific invoicing from third parties in relation to service work. 

In conjunction with the PSW Energy one point policy, should a product quality issue arise, associated manufacturer service costs shall be billed directly with the manufacturer as part of a service agent agreement and not with the end user to recover directly with the manufacturer or risk potential gap loss.

PSW Energy will employ localised expert support to assist customer care at every level for ease of communication and interaction. Sales, Projects, Service, Accounts, Technical Support and Development staff are your PSW Energy one team. Here to ensure every step of your energy journey is transparent and hassle-free. Dealing with one team is a better experience. Enjoy life.


It’s about you.

Consider the ultimate value. Purchase price is one thing, superior value for money is another. A better deal always ensures your ongoing satisfaction beyond the short term satisfaction of lowest price. 

PSW Energy’s one team ensures you have an expert by your side at every stage of your purchase. No passing the buck. A direct contact for the PSW Energy expert with the most experience to manage each stage of your project, before, during and after sales.

One point

Your time is valuable, avoid bouncing between supplier, manufacturer or installer to achieve product care and support. Unless specified, PSW Energy offer one point contact for all supplied & installed operating systems.


One source

PSW Energy has an exclusive import supply agreement with Europe’s and one of the worlds largest solar distributors. A one-source guarantee for all incorporated products is added security for your investment.


One team

PSW Energy is one team. The PSW Energy one team policy ensures, for instances within warranty terms, you don’t experience unforeseen additional costs in supply, installation or servicing to product care


PSW Life Support

The greatest support you’ll ever experience. Superior local customer care, for the life of your product and beyond. Included at no additional cost with every combined service and supply product.