Mind blown yet? There’s no hiding the fact that something very different is occurring here at Perth Solar Warehouse. The good news is it results in an overall better buying experience for you. Why such a bold change? Let me explain below.

Autumn 2019 catalogue out now!

The homeowner edition of the Perth Solar Warehouse Autumn 2019 solar price list includes all the following need to know information and more:

  • Fully installed 3kW – 6kW prices.
  • Exclusive discounts & interactive price guide.
  • Leading solar panel options.
  • World-class inverter technology.
  • Exceptional energy storage options.
  • Energy production guide.
  • Estimated savings potential.
  • Payment plan options & more!
There’s always more than one Deal of the Week. A must view before buying solar.

Don’t worry, PSW Energy hasn’t gone anywhere. See, it’s right here – https://pswenergy.com.au. But why the two brands? Perth Solar Warehouse was originally created to service the people of Perth with a transparent solar buying experience through in depth online detail and ensuring an option for high quality German-made products could still be purchased.

With instant online success the name was quickly adopted by many other Perth Solar … companies which were no way affiliated with Perth Solar Warehouse. With IP Australia reluctant to secure the name of a town and an industry in one name to one entity, we created PSW Energy. Most content shifted apart from a few key pages for people searching specifically for PerthSolarWarehouse.com.au.

PSWEnergy.com.au has since become a phenomenal online solar buying resource for those searching for specific products and brands. In the background though PerthSolarWarehouse.com.au has been gathering attention as a personable and trusted solar provider amongst online referrals and community groups.

For many unsure, PSWEnergy.com.au would simply be an overwhelming buying experience. PerthSolarWarehouse.com.au is more of a refined selection with that personal touch and of coarse, exceptional value.

Big plans ahead.

It’s a little bare over here at the moment but there are some great new experiences due for release in the very near future between both PerthSolarWarehous.com.au and PSWEnergy.com.au. To be the first to know about our latest updates or the fresh Deal of the Week be sure to subscribe (below).


This week the team and I are painstakingly working hard behind the scenes to fix any glitches you may be experiencing with the site as we migrate it’s content. If you notice anything or just want a direct contact, hit us up at hello@PerthSolarWarehouse.com.au. Thanks for checking out the new Perth Solar Warehouse experience.

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