GLASS-GLASS SOLAR Panels with PERC technology by Perth Solar Warehouse

Glass-glass solar special.

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Solar panels of the future with PERC (Passive Emitter Rear Cell) efficiency-boosting technology. Turbocharge your solar with even more power. Limited time. The future of solar technology has never been more affordable. With limited availability, you can secure the next generation of solar panel technology at no additional cost to purchasing SolarWorld or SolarWatt German made glass-laminate solar panels. Sufficiently …

INTEREST-FREE SOLAR DEAL from Perth Solar Warehouse

Interest-Free Solar Deal

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Interest-free solar is available at Perth Solar Warehouse. Get the best German made solar energy products in Perth WA with $0 deposit on an interest-free payment plan with Certegy Ezi-Pay. An easy, no fuss, application process approved in minutes. Use our interest-free solar options to your ultimate advantage and replace a significant portion of your power bill as a fortnightly …

TIER 1 SOLAR PANELS by Perth Solar Warehouse

Latest Tier-1 solar panels list: 8 Points of critical failure.

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THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TIER-1 SOLAR PANEL. It’s the first point which must be established. This is the most misused term in the solar industry. If you like the sound of term Tier-1, glossy datasheets promising the world with unproven warranties and stories of fluff, stop reading.  Before seeing the images of critical failure in cheap, so-called “Tier-1 …

SOLARWORLD Solar Packages On Sale by Perth Solar Warehouse

SolarWorld solar packages special.

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ON SALE – INDUSTRY AWARD WINNING SOLARWORLD SOLAR PACKAGES. As Germany’s largest solar panel manufacturer and the worlds longest standing solar panel manufacturer, SolarWorld is back better than ever after a financial restructuring in mid-2017. SOLARWORLD BACK AT THE TOP. News (Aug 2017): Now privately owned SolarWorld Industries GmbH surges as one of the strongest financially backed solar panel manufacturers in …


6 of The Best Inverter Specials in Perth WA

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SAVE 20%, these are exceptional inverter specials you simply cannot ignore. Has your old solar inverter failed? Then replace it only with the best and get more life, more power and even greater production insight with the latest cutting-edge technologies inbuilt by industry-leading brands Fronius and SMA. An exceptionally BIG deal. Exclusive Fronius and SMA inverter specials come with full …

Best Solar Deals Perth WA

9 of the best solar deals in Perth WA.

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YOU WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY. So get the right tools for the job. Below are 9 of the most affordable solar power generators built to work 12hrs a day for the next 30-years plus.  Avoid cheap flimsy systems good for landfill after 2-years. There is no compensation for lost energy production in any manufacturers warranty. Solar energy systems remain dormant for months …

5 Best Tier-1 Solar Deals by Perth Solar Warehouse

5 of the best Tier-1 solar deals in Perth & Bunbury WA.

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Sometimes you simply need a good solar energy system at the right price, backed by an established, trusted, local company.   Detailed below are 5 of the best Tier -1 solar deals in Perth WA for people which are not so fussy on manufacturing origin but more concerned about good quality and the most power for less. THE ESSENTIAL CRITERIA.  INTERNET ONLY …