Discover LG solar energy systems better than any other available. ON SALE NOW.

Superior web assisted performance monitoring and support. View exceptional LG solar panel performance through your selection of industry-leading solar inverter technology Fronius or SMA with exclusive PSW Life Support. Perth Solar Warehouse system owners rarely experience generation down-time but sometimes its nice to know there is someone available when you need it.

Communicatively compatible, all Perth Solar Warehouse LG solar systems include the key features you need to be ready for the future with minimal additional expense. Proven technical compatibilities on display from the PSW Energy Research Centre South, be assured direct compatibility with any additional device in the Perth Solar Warehouse range of battery storage or elite energy equipment.

LG Solar panels produce up to 25% more power than the Tier-1 average. Over the warranted life time of the solar panel that is a serious amount of energy. An outstanding promise which is also insured by LG! You work hard for your money, don’t trust anything less than the best LG solar panel systems Perth WA residents are now demanding.

LG Solar panels consist of beautiful sleek black frames. Black solar panel frames deserve a colour coded black clamp mounting system. The result is a complete colour coded solar energy system designed to blend with your roof. Forget cheap mismatched colour combinations being offered elsewhere. Perth Solar Warehouse LG solar panel support systems are German made and colour coded to perfection. A massive inclusion which also facilitates an industry leading 25-year workmanship warranty at no extra cost.

More Power.

LG Solar technology at the most affordable price, discover the Mono X Plus solar panel by LG Solar.

Huge Power.

The Neon 2 by LG Solar broke records infusing a mono cell with it’s proprietary Cello technology. 3 x Inter Solar Award winning, the NeON 2 is the most popular solar panel produced by LG.

Extreme Power.

The highest powered 60 cell solar panel available at 360W (STC) per panel. The LG Solar NeON R is the latest market leader for both power and performance producing up to 25% more power than the average Tier 1 solar panel.


The best solar panels on the market today for high-powered performance are built by LG Solar. Encompassed with proprietary technology surpassing the Tier 1 solar panel average by 10-years. Avoid out of date products and advance with purpose.

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Pair LG solar panels with the world’s best solar inverter technology, Fronius or SMA for the ultimate solar energy system. Includes superior production monitoring with live detailed analysis, from almost anywhere in the world.

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Far beyond Tier 1 qualification. Countless international awards by respected independent institutions for different reasons. South Korea’s ultra high-performance energy generator is exceptionally beautiful and built to perform. Discover the most comprehensive LG solar power systems Perth WA has ever seen at the lowest prices. Refined build quality with the industry’s most trusted warranties. Discover More Power.