The world’s most powerful 60 cell solar panel. 2017 Inter Solar award winner, the LG NeON R solar panel is the new global leader in module efficiency.

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The LG NeON R stands above every other solar panel for performance. With up to 365W from a single module, every other solar panel is in it’s wake.


Back contact solar cells combined with proprietary LG NeON R engineering ensures electron flow unlike any other solar panel. Visual appeal is simply a bonus.

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Extreme Power.

More than peak power. In electrical terms heat equals resistance, the LG NeON R performs better than any other solar panel through overall kWhs produced per watt in seasonal conditions. Essentially when things get hot, the LG NeON R outperforms the rest.

Simply Outstanding.

The greatest ever solar panel produced for superior performance is the LG NeON R. Technology 10-years in advance to most common solar technologies today. The future is now, be better than average.

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