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2 of the Latest German Solar Panel Packages Perth and WA

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3kW & 2kW Latest German Solar Panel Packages Perth & WA Available NOW In Our Platinum Solar Power Packages

Now available in the Perth Solar Warehouse is the inclusion of our ever popular Solarworld solar panels and SMA inverter plus 5 star Solar Boy Service in 2 handy packages to suit a range of residential and light commercial customers.

Quite a few people have been asking for our ultimate German systems but in a smaller format, which until now has only been available to our commercial customers in really big packages.

Well here they are!


And the good news is that next week each package will be available in a one off SUPER #DealOfTheWeek, discounting each package by LOTS!! So it will be wise to save your pennies until then (expect a BIG discount) and as per usual will be available for 4 weeks only at the massively reduced price.


#DealOfTheWeek has since expired, but see what else is on SALE right now in our Specials

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