Everything you’ve been waiting for is about to begin or has commenced. You made a great decision and now you will experience why.

What’s happening?

The very energy system you purchased to enhance your life has commenced its implementation phase. It will however stay here until your project administrator receives the all clear from your nominated installation team that everything is running as it should. Nine key areas require verification before this stage can progress:

  1. Mounting System installed.
  2. Cable system installed.
  3. Inverter installed.
  4. Switchboard completion.
  5. Solar array completion
  6. Monitoring connection established (if applicable).
  7. Testing and electrical safety certification.
  8. Small Technology Certificate (STC) assignment/ Clean Energy Regulator (CER) notification.
  9. Customer satisfaction survey.

What should you expect?

  1. A completed solar energy system which exceeds your expectation.
  2. A certificate of electrical safety from your installation team confirming your solar energy system conforms to all applicable Australian standards.
  3. Your installation team leader to request your signature on a digital device confirming installation at the address.
  4. Your installation team leader to request your review of your experience with Perth Solar Warehouse via one of the 3 methods found here:

Awesome energy from the sun.

It’s a beautiful feeling which is about to get better. Although we do require payment in full at this stage your Perth Solar Warehouse projects team is far from finished, including the configuration of your monitoring portal. As mentioned in the following stage we request you allow technical support 2 weeks in order to gather the data required to ensure what you are viewing is correct. The great news is your thriving off your own energy now, so relax and enjoy.

Eager to find out more about your project during this phase? Please visit Projects Contact for a range of support options catered specifically for you.