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Seen what you like? Ready to see if it works with your exact location? Great news is that all of the Perth Solar Warehouse range & pricing is designed to work 90% of homes & businesses in Perth WA. We just need to check  it’s compatible with your specific location with absolutely NO hidden surprises.

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Did you know our prices are compatible with 90% of homes and businesses within the Perth Metropolitan area? Yep, even the specials! But please know that the prices displayed already include any applicable subsidies as a pre-determined discount. All prices listed are therefore to be considered as the total "out of pocket " expense.

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With the details you provided, your site will be assessed remotely and within 48hrs one of our industry experts will reach out to you. If there’s any extra info needed we will get back to you by one of your listed contact methods.

You’re going to receive details of a solar (pv) power system that will exceed expectations right down to how it looks on your roof, yes we care about that too. Full specifications & technical details of every component, expected performance output, site layout and positioning all before you buy. A great way to inquire now!