German Made 3 Phase Solar Power Range is Here!

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German Made 3 Phase Solar Power Range is Available NOW!

Available now is the Perth Solar Warehouse range of “German made” 3 phase solar power systems to compliment properties where performance, style & functionality are essential. A well refined package to ensure constant high energy output in all conditions, while maintaining a sleek & minimalist appeal.

Three packages of exquisite design for any home or business:

  1. 3 Phase 4kW German made Solar Power Deal
  2. 3 Phase 5kW German made Solar Power Deal
  3. 3 Phase 6kW German made Solar Power Deal

 Four Key Features To Define Exceptional Output in 3 Phase Solar Power

  • A genuine Perth Solar Warehouse 5 star installation. The perfect design & installation of  any 3 phase solar power system is crucial to ensure the best solar products can outperform for the system life. A Solar Boy installation brings the best individual solar products and makes them exceptional as one. What’s better is the workmanship is guaranteed for a full 25years! that alone is exceptional…
  • SolarWorld solar panels. We’ve done our research and without doubt, determine the SolarWorld line of solar panels the absolute best panel for Australian conditions. High-grade components ALL made in Germany, with the completed panel exceeding IEC standards in safety, functionality, adverse conditions and performance by a minimum 3x! It really is amazing how good these panels are compared to what is considered the “norm”.
  • German made Schletter mounting frames and support brackets. Usually the forgotten feature when selecting solar, however it’s the element that ensures a solar investment is still strong years down the track. Schletter is renowned for quality and a supreme feature of the Perth Solar Warehouse 3 phase solar power packages.
  • SMA 3 phase solar power inverter. The crown jewel that defines the 3 phase solar power package range with the highest conversion efficiency on the Australian market. Not only does this beautiful inverter naturally output the most energy possible for glorious consumption, it’s smart, really, really smart! These 3 phase solar power inverters are designed to deliver information and lots of it. What’s more, is we can make it possible for easy access to that information from anywhere where you are. Taking control of power production is an exceptional feeling.

Exclusive to Perth & Western Australian shoppers. This exclusive range of grid connected, 3 phase solar power is here to stay and we couldn’t be prouder.


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  1. I’m interested in 3 phase solar power would you please make available information and quotation for that with other components. From DC to AC.

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