5 Reasons why you need a fronius smart meter by perth solar warehouse

5 reasons why you need a Fronius Smart Meter

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You either have or are looking to purchase a brand new solar energy system with the industry-acclaimed Fronius Galvo, Primo or Symo solar inverter. Excellent choice. There is an abundance of talk regarding the Fronius Smart Meter. The question,

Is it worth the extra expense?

Not a complete PSW Energy scorecard and product review (coming soon), below our technical support team, list the 5 basic reasons why you need a Fronius Smart Meter.

5. It’s different to your electricity meter.

Fronius Smart Meter by Perth Solar Warehouse

Considering the new versions of state owned electricity meters (in Australia) are also referred to as Smart Meters, these serve two completely seperate purposes.

Your state owned Smart Meter isn’t very smart to your advantage, unless you are prepared to cycle through the necessary recordings at intervals you desire and prepared to record the information on a spreadsheet for an ongoing basis.

The Fronius Smart Meter provides import and export data in conjunction with production data from the solar energy system for the end user through a user friendly portal. A portal which enables the user to easily calculate the the perfect time for appliance operation in times of optimum energy savings.

4. Superior insight.

fronius smart meter insight by Perth Solar Warehouse

Utilising the Fronius Solar.web online portal, access your complete energy profile. The entire picture in association with a Fronius grid connected inverter.

100% Solar Production Data (INVERTER SUPPLIED)

*Data produced in association with an active internet connection.

3. View from anywhere.

In assistance with an accompanying WiFi connection, view your your entire energy profile from anywhere in the world. Rest assured viewing detailed energy analysis from your home or business, live in the palm of your hand or in detailed desktop view.

2. All power supplies benefit.

Both single phase and three phase power supplies have the opportunity to gain full insight into the entire energy supply. Unlike many alternative manufacturers whom have not quite yet perfected the art of both single and three phase power supplies, rest assured Fronius have with two versions of the Fronius Smart Meter. No mater your grid power supply, the Fronius Smart Meter is built for your installation.

Complete Control - Fronius Smart Meter by Perth Solar Warehouse

Above: The single phase Fronius Smart Meter fits into most Australian switchboards occupying no more than two poles.

Above: The three-phase Fronius Smart Meter is often a tight fit in many domestic Australian three phase switchboards, prior planning is recommended.

1. Unrivalled energy management.

Unrivalled technological insight for price. No other central string inverter solar energy system available combined with a viewable import/ export meter (Fronius Smart Meter) can provide such detailed analytics for both home owner and supporting installer.

Do you need one?

YES, if you love data as much as we do that is! However, at the end of the day it will depend on your individual circumstance and how well you can adapt to technology. If you don’t care much for data and energy analysis then it won’t be much use. Education though is the key, a better understanding of the elements will will always take you further.

99% of technical experts will suggest the Fronius Smart Meter is a key component in controlling bill reduction giving the end user the ability to see what other solar energy system owners can not.

If you would like a copy of the associated manufacturer technical details, simply click the required buttons below for download.

1-phase & 3-phase data sheet
1-phase operating manual
3-phase operating manual

SECURE WARRANTY | Perth Solar Warehouse is an approved Fronius service provider.


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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have any contacts who may install a fronius smart meter onto an existing Fronius system that I already have?

    Do you know what I might expect to pay for installation?

    1. PSW Team Post

      Hi Gregg, thanks for reaching out. Here’s the great news, PSW Energy actually supply and install the Fronius Smart Meter to new and existing solar energy systems.

      If you are in the following installation area https://perthsolarwarehouse.com.au/installation-areas/ (scroll to the bottom to view the map) we would love to provide you with prices. In the absence of the Fronius Smart Meter being listed on this website https://perthsolarwarehouse.com.au/products/ (COMING SOON), All you have to do is use the following form to assist our team with your installation particulars: https://perthsolarwarehouse.com.au/get-my-solar-price/

      As the product and service are very much installation specific the following variables will affect the cost:

      -Single or three-phase power supply.
      -Available switchboard space.
      -Distance from the Fronius inverter to the main switchboard.
      -Building accessibility.

      To assist customers better PSW Energy developers are exploring easier ways to account for these variables with a simple online pricing structure in the near future. Smarter energy is most definitely better energy, you are on the right track seeking out the Fronius Smart Meter. Have a fantastic day!

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