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MAKE AN EDUCATED DECISION. It’s easy to be ignorant and enlightening to be educated. Side step the information which clouds an accurate assessment of the right product to suit your needs. 

In a sea full of alternative inverter technologies how do you know what you’re investing in for the long-term is the right choice for your home or scenario? Read on.

FRONIUS by Perth Solar Warehouse


Understand the basics.

Aside from advanced welding products, Fronius manufacture an extraordinary amount of central string inverter technologies to a global market. Central string inverters are the most common form of a solar inverter for grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems. Primarily due to the outstanding economic nature and solid efficiency.

The critical nature.

The inverter is one of the most critical components of any solar energy system. It sets the foundation for future adaptable technologies, however, primarily is responsible for converting the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into usable AC electricity of which your home appliances consume. The process of converting DC to AC can incur energy losses, which is why it’s crucial that a proven solar inverter for a given environment exists. Otherwise, a significant portion of power generation will be lost. No matter how good the installed solar panels are.

The process of converting DC to AC can incur energy losses. A crucial reason, proven solar inverter technologies should always be considered for any given environment. Otherwise, a significant portion of power produced by the solar panels will be lost, no matter how good the solar panels are.

Three Fronius inverters which are currently among Australia’s most popular central string inverters utilised in today’s solar energy systems are the Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo and the Fronius Symo models.

Above: Intelligent energy management by Fronius.




Utilising Fronius’s SuperFlex design, unique input parameters allow for a highly flexible installation. Ensuring a central string inverter solar system which has the greater adaptability to a wider range of scenarios. A feature which minimises a solar system being limited less by the inverter and more accommodating to the structure or design. Furthermore, the innovative SnapINverter mounting system assists technicians, reducing maintenance times for future servicing.

Fronius Primo Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse

Above: The acclaimed SnapINverter design by Fronius.


The Primo range of Fronius inverters boasts impressive conversion efficiency. At standard test conditions, the Fronius Primo is capable of a maximum efficiency up to 97.8%. Due to rigorous European benchmark standard test parameters, such level of efficiency is impressive when compared to the competition. Test parameters which help to ensure the best performance out any solar PV system incorporating Fronius Primo inverters.


Above: Fronius Primo, the remarkable single-phase inverter.

Communication and Software.


Adopting an advanced wifi enabled communications package, the Primo range of Fronius inverters communicate harmoniously with the end user, the grid, expandable Fronius upgrade options and other communicative appliances with the potential to be linked to the solar energy system. A foundation which allows energy production tracking and beyond. Enabling one to track energy savings with comparison historical production data as a minimum through the Fronius Solar.web portal.


Above: The incredibly user-friendly Fronius Solar.web portal.

Supply Connectivity.

The Fronius Primo is a single-phase central string grid tie solar inverter. Suitable for connecting to both single and multi-phase installations.

THE SLIGHTLY CONFUSING PART: If considering the Fronius Primo for multi-phase suitability, only one phase can ever be connected per one Fronius Primo inverter. For most common scenarios, if the electricity supply is single-phase, then the Fronius Primo is the compatible option. Don’t worry, It’s not uncommon to be unsure of whether your energy connection is a single-phase or multi-phase connection. Alternatively, if you are sure of your electricity supply, most multi-phase power supplies should always consider the Fronius Symo inverter options.

FOR EASE OF REFERENCE: Most smaller or small-to-medium sized modern homes tend to run on a one-phase supply in Perth, Western Australia.



Supply Connectivity.

GOT A 3-PHASE POWER SUPPLY? Then more often than not, a 3-phase inverter is the right solution. The Symo range of Fronius inverters is the Fronius answer for 3kW 3-phase inverters upwards to 20kW. Through sheer volume alone, the 5kW Fronius Symo inverter is by far the most popular inverter in the Fronius Symo range. However, with such a broad scope of options, this is an excellent demonstration of the build refinement from one single manufacturer.

Fronius Symo Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse (

Above: Dual action Fronius Symo inverters.


Much like the Primo range of Fronius inverters, the Fronius Symo range also utilises the SuperFlex design to deliver a capable and flexible installation solar energy system. Additionally, the Fronius Symo range also employs the same SnapINverter mounting system as incorporated into the Fronius Primo models. An added advantage of reducing future service costs.



Further definition of build quality is demonstrated through a maximum conversion efficiency of 98% (via trusted European testing institutions). With larger solar photovoltaic (PV) systems requiring inefficiencies to be minimised at every point, such performance is essential.


Above: Fronius Symo, the remarkable three-phase inverter.

Communication & Software.

Utilising a WiFi or speed wire communication connection, the Symo range of Fronius inverters, alike the Primo model are equipped with one of the best digital user interfaces of any inverter on the market. Preconfigured for future expansion of alternative energy products such as the Fronius Smart meter for AC consumption and export monitoring. The device which should be the next step every Fronius system owner integrates before considering battery supplies. The Fronius Symo is truly an uncompromising three-phase inverter with eye-watering efficiency and impressive engineering.


Above: Solar.web portal for Fronius Symo inverters.


With over 70 years of manufacturing DC technologies, Fronius are to solar inverters as to what trusted European names such as Bosch and Metabo are to power tools. An exceptional product renowned and trusted by professionals and users within its industry.

Primo, why you should consider nothing less.

The latest Fronius Primo series is proven to be one of the best solar string inverters on the market capable of handling the harsh Australian climate. It delivers impressive performance, easy installation, and comprehensive analytics. Overall, it helps to make any home solar PV system just that much better. A result that ensures capital cost reduction over time and environmental sustainability through quality.

Symo, a parallel 3-phase option.

Almost every 3-phase power supply, the Symo range of Fronius inverters is an outstanding option for converting solar panel production. Industry-leading performance with the notable features of the Primo range of Fronius inverters. As agreed by the majority of industry experts, Fronius manufacture a brilliant line of central string solar inverters. The excellent performance combined with a feature packed all in one system, and it’s hard not to consider Fronius inverters.

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  1. I am using your inverter for my 10 kw solar on grid system.I am getting only 80 % efficiency.can you someone to inspect the installation
    Pipe line road
    Kozhikode dt
    Kerala 673106
    Mob 91496 9249507144

    1. PSW Team Post

      Hey Pradeep, thanks for reaching out! Great to hear from friends in other locations on this sunny planet. Getting to India is a bit of a stretch for our techies but let’s see if we can support you remotely as we are only a Fronius dealer. Plus it costs nothing to ask 🙂 .

      Let’s establish first what exactly you have. When you say running at 80% efficiency do you mean you have 10kW of solar panels on a 10kW Fronius inverter only producing a total of 8kW on average?

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