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An Energy Saving Tip| Pay Less – Spend More!

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Cheaper Will Cost You More!

Silly sounding energy saving tip right? But in the energy world it’s true. 99% of the time if you are buying cheap you are paying more in total. The reasoning behind this is simple, It’s out dated and useless in comparison to an evolved superior technology and service. Yes – technology AND service!

Its fair to say that over time we have learnt and evolved and adapted and evolved and then learnt some more. What a waste is if that is committed to high turnover old technology and procedures.

My very simple question to anyone is this

“If you bought the latest iPhone would you run it for its life on an early iOS software?”

No, this would be nearly impossible for obvious reasons, but if it were possible the phone is merely a subject of it’s software, as to is a house building etc… A house is purely a shell which is defined by the features we load into it!

Air conditioning no doubt “chews the juice” but by buying great and advanced technology you can minimise this, as to with a skillfull installation. And in another instance solar power can sure give you some extra power, however compromise on quality and your power production will be significantly less.

Installing energy items to buildings should always consider the TOTAL package that always includes the product, installation and support. It’s a foolish move to only focus on one aspect. Don’t ever under estimate the value of a top quality installation as this will always dictate how a high end device operates, then in turn support more often than not is assured. What’s even better it’s probably even done with a BIG friendly smile – gotta love those!

At the end of the day this is just an energy saving tip, so be aware – Pay less, Spend more.

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