True power exists at you finger tips. Stay in control of your power. Your energy data, directly to you, as you need it. An abundance of real-time fluctuations to paint a true picture or your actual productivity, performance and even consumption*. Facts that ensure your precision energy device delivers beyond expectation.

Reliable Monitoring By Only The Best

The Very Stylish Bosch Inverter For Home Solar Power by Perth Solar Warehouse

Enphase Enlighten Advanced Monitoring

Production Monitoring.
Consumption Monitoring.
Alternative Supply Monitoring.

SMA Sunny Boy 3000TL by Perth Solar Warehouse

SMA Sunny Portal Monitoring

Production Monitoring.
Consumption Monitoring (extra).
Alternative Supply Monitoring (extra).

A monitoring package is best selected through your choice of inverter technology.


Through advanced energy monitoring it’s possible to gain in-depth insight of how efficiently a solar energy system is performing. Coupled with sustained data logging, managing current energy performance against past performances facilitates a broader knowledge base for anyone whom chooses to engage in energy monitoring with ease.

Enlighten Manager Desktop
SMA Solar Power Technology Perth


Energy monitoring should never be limited. Once implemented its possible facilitate limitless expandable options to refine variables through a Perth Solar Warehouse solar power system equipped even our simplest energy monitoring connection.


Solid data ensures educated decisions. Understand performance to better utilise what energy is available from current resources or assets at optimised periods. Energy monitoring is the future of self-sufficient power generation, it’s the foundation for accurate expandable implementation.


Not just numbers on a spreadsheet. Detailed information graphically collaborated on a device of your choice. Mobile, tablet or desktop computer, your ability to access critical information is never limited. Delivering real-time performance statistics from anywhere you have an internet connection in the world.

SMA Monitoring Systems by Perth Solar Warehouse

Accelerate Wealth Creation With Advanced Energy Monitoring…


Superb analytical software can unlock the true potential of any solar energy system and maximise an overall investment. Enhance your ability to make educated decisions with energy consumption.

Phenomenal Energy Monitoring Features

Advanced energy monitoring features designed to make sure you get the most from any Perth Solar Warehouse solar power system.

Advanced production analysis

Real-time consumption analysis*

Lifetime remote software support

Expandable monitoring options to suit you

Wealth creation through detailed insight

Cellular monitoring options available**

*Real time consumption analysis available with Enphase micro inverter system’s only, extra costs applicable to SMA inverter systems. **Cellular data packages available for Enphase micro inverter system’s only for one easy payment of $500 for 5 years that won’t impede on your home WiFi network.

Take full control with energy monitoring

More Detail Than Any Other

In-depth analysis beyond comprehension. As much of your investment as the solar energy system itself. Make sure you get exactly what you’ve paid in every single high tech component, plus gauge unsurpassed returns in energy savings to match. An advanced energy monitoring system delivers this and more.


The base energy monitoring feature of all Perth Solar Warehouse solar power systems. In graphical detail this is foundation of solar production insight.

  • Instant Power Produced
  • Historical Power Performance
  • Instant Fault Reports


How do you consume electricity from the grid? With consumption monitoring dont wait 2 months for your electricity bill to arrive. Know instantly!

  • Power Consumption
  • Power Export
  • Interval Reporting Features

Alternative Supply

Understand when your alternative supply to solar (eg Batteries) is utilised and how it performs in conjunction with your current energy usage.

  • Level indication
  • Power allocation to circuit
  • Status reports

And YES, There’s Even More Features…

Schletter High Grade Solar Mounting Systems by Perth Solar Warehouse
Advanced Alignment

Exceptional product monitoring.
Made in Germany.

Hikra Swiss Made Low Loss DC Solar Cable by Perth Solar Warehouse
Discounted Upgrades

Pre-release upgrades at cost.
Latest monitoring options first.

Superior Solar Power Installations by Perth Solar Warehouse
In-house Installation

25 Year workmanship warranty.
No sub-contractors.

MyEnlighten Monitoring Portal by Perth Solar Warehouse
Software Support

Lifetime free remote support.
24 hrs, 7 days per week.

 Solar power with SUPER POWERS, that’s the Perth Solar Warehouse difference.

Never underestimate the power of advanced energy monitoring!