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The Change Is Here! – Discounted German Made Solar Energy Product Line

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A New Discounted German Made Solar Energy Product Line

So what’s the hype? If the title hasn’t suggested enough, HAVE A LOOK AT THIS

We will now supply Perth WA customers the very best German made solar power packages at the lowest prices.

Announced less than a month ago we promised a change. Details were minimal, however now it can be revealed we wanted to introduce the “less is more” concept to the Australian energy consumer.

“Less” product range with a “more” focus on discounted costs of high grade equipment. Why? because it’s sustainable. Products that last, exceed expectation and at massively discounted prices… We want everyone to be talking about it!

The first to be updated in our product line is the range of solar power packages, now relabeled in the shop menu as “German Made Solar Power Packages”. At the moment there’s only 5 available packages, but more will be included in the near very future, stay tuned or get in contact and one can be customised to suit.

More changes to other product lines within the Perth Solar Warehouse online store will occur and be announced over the coarse of the coming month as part of the Perth Solar Warehouse birthday celebrations!

Items you will see glorious changes with in the coming weeks:

  • A new line of L.E.D downlights.
  • Premium energy monitoring and logging devices.
  • Wonderful 12V Power supplies.
  • The finest batteries to store generated electricity.
  • Amazing generators.
  • Lifesaving backup power solutions.

What the NEW Perth Solar Warehouse means for you…

Completely Transparent – Perth solar Warehouse prices are online, its that simple! No sales people &  low overheads  means you actually save. You are buying warehouse direct. so you’re saving is actually a saving and not a cheap substitute.

We Know What We Are Talking About – You’ll get to know us, we aren’t very good at old “salesman charm” but we are really good at the technical stuff, try us… You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers, couldn’t be much easier than that.

All The Time In the World For YOU – Fact is, this business is designed to deal with genuine people that want to purchase a great energy product, we put the prices up and the information out there, so if you actually get in contact we know it’s the real deal, expect the VIP treatment every time.


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