Discounted German Made Solar Power Packages

Discounted German Made Solar Power Packages Extended

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Discounted German Made Solar Power Packages Extended

It’s Birthday month at Perth Solar Warehouse so a celebration is in order, what better way to celebrate by continuing the already heavily discounted German made solar power packages for the rest of the month!

Yes its crazy and there is only person benefiting at these cheap prices, YOU. Birthday month we are celebrating, but it’s also that time of the year where we must clear stock. Solarworld solar panels, SMA inverters, Schletter mounting systems & our famous 5 star installation all wrapped together in these 5 brilliant packages, which can only remain on clearance until the end of financial year.

This will be the last time for you to secure premium technology with 5 star service at these special prices:

German Made 1.6kW  system discounted by $500

German Made 2kW system discounted by $700

German Made 3kW system discounted by $1000

German made 4kW system discounted by $1000

German made 5kW system discounted by $1000

Some Friendly Advice…

Know the equipment before you buy solar power, many companies will say “we supply whatever equipment we have in stock at the time”. This should be your first warning sign to steer clear!

Contemplate if you would just buy “any” car from a car dealer because its “what they have in stock”?

Not all solar power is the same, always do your research and know what you’re putting on your roof and who is installing it.

These discounted German made solar power packages are 100% transparent, you know what you are buying.

Only available in Perth, Western Australia.

These deals have since expired, but see what else is on SALE right now in our Specials


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