5kW German Solar System by Perth Solar Warehouse

Special Deal | 5kW German Solar System

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You speak, we listen. Everyone is now wanting 5kW German solar systems, ok! Everyone also keeps asking for 100% GERMAN MADE solar panels and a 100% German made inverter, good choice we reckon too.

So here’s the deal: All Perth Solar Warehouse 5kW German solar systems now tick exactly those boxes and then some, but there has to be a price smash!

Simple negotiation with our very own German supplier and now you have yourself the BEST in the business solar power system for your home, for the cheapest ever price that Perth Solar Warehouse has ever listed this extraordinary equipment for, Fully Installed!

Impressive hey? see the link for more details

The LEGEND – our original 5kW German Solar System, Click Here!

THIS DEAL JUST GOT BETTER with ongoing supplier relationships and an expanded 5kW German solar system range. SEE THEM NOW

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