4kw Solar System Price SMASH

#DealoftheWeek 4|4kw Solar System Price SMASH

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4kw Solar System Price SMASH, available for the next 4 weeks.

Thats right kids, a 4kw Solar System Price SMASH for a little over $4k! Now that’s a deal. Be quick, there are limited quantities available and it’s only available for the next 4weeks. Then the price goes back up.

And yes, the Australian dollar is falling so we may never see these superb prices on solar P.V again. The sun is out now, so buy solar now and save electricity now, simple hey.

Anyway you know what to do, hit the link below and this deal in all it’s glory will be right in front of you. Happy Summer.


This deal has since expired, but see what else is on SALE right now in our Specials

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