Special Deals - Victron Phoenix Inverter 12V - 240V by Perth Solar Warehouse

Special Deals | Victron Phoenix Inverter 12V – 240V

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A Victron Phoenix Inverter 12V – 240V is What You Need!

You need reliable power more and more these days to supply a need for the plethora of mobile electronic devices available, enhancing day to day life.

Don’t get caught with no power supply to charge these devices, 240VAC power when you need it from any 12VDC supply. This particular Victron Phoenix inverter 12V – 240V is the perfect size unit for charging laptops, notebooks, tablets, phones and so much more.

So yes, this is the must have accessory for any car. Especially if you are travelling or working from your car, it’s even better if incorporated with a our own, very special German made solar panel kits. A very reliable power source from a quality brand.

For the next 4 weeks only this 350W Victron Phoenix inverter 12V – 240V  been reduced by 10%, check it out! 

This deal has since expired, but see what else is on SALE right now in our Specials

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