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A Change To Solar Power Perth and WA Is Coming…

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A Change Is Coming To The Perth Solar Warehouse

A message to everyone following the Perth Solar Warehouse store, or anyone interested in buying from our current range. We are changing our product line, very soon many packages will be discontinued.

For solar power Perth & WA this is revolutionary. The GREAT news is that this alteration will be to accommodate a specialist line of equipment that isn’t currently being offered solely in one place on-line in Australia.

So, if you’ve been holding off on anything in particular, now maybe you’re last chance to purchase these items or packages with the Perth Solar Warehouse industry leading guarantees.

YES, that’s right. Even if the product you buy today is discontinued tomorrow, YOU’RE COVERED. Why? Just because an item is discontinued doesn’t mean we stop believing in it, its available in the Perth Solar Warehouse store for a very good reason.

Until the new product line is announced we will also be suspending the #DealoftheWeek. But not to worry, it will be back and promoting a new range with some trusted oldies in the too. Oh and the current deals listed will also be locked at that amazingly discounted price until further notice – pretty cool hey.

So be prepared to see a refreshing new face in solar power Perth  and energy generation in Australia. COMING SOON.



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