Battery Storage by Perth Solar Warehouse

Take your solar to the next level with battery storage.

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If you’re reading this then you already know that basic grid-connected solar energy systems are limited in a big way. A little thing called night. Jumping straight to the fact, new battery storage technologies offer a good, low maintenance solution to the problem that has plagued grid-connected solar power since its mass inception almost a decade ago. It doesn’t take …

How Do Solar Cells Make Electricity?

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SOLAR (PHOTOVOLTAIC) ENERGY EXPLAINED. The video is perfect to visually assist with the concept, however if video isn’t an option, here is the breakdown in good old plain English… Question: How do solar cells make electricity? Simple Answer: With Phosphorus Diffusion (and a few other things). There are of course many elements which contribute to a solar cells ability to generate electricity however phosphorus diffusion is a major ingredient in …