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With a good product quality reputation and one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers by volume, there is no doubt Canadian Solar panels are a Perth WA favourite for any system size. There are, however, some very big differences between the Canadian Solar panels Perth WA range worth considering before purchasing.

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Conveniently for you, within this article is a collaboration of all the need to know Canadian Solar panels Perth WA buying information, lovingly dissected from the multiple locations on the web by Perth Solar Warehouse support.

Before you dive in, if there’s something extra you feel should be contributed, leave it in the comments section at the bottom of this post so other Canadian Solar panels Perth WA shoppers can benefit during their research. Enjoy the read – PSW Team.

Which to avoid?

As a leading manufacturer by volume there are of course an abundance of options. Those of which aren’t always designed for residential installations such as the larger 72-cell MAXPOWER range designed specifically for commercial scenarios. Therefore, how do you know if the Canadian Solar panel you are considering is the right solar panel for you?

Generally speaking, residential roof tops have roof supports and load bearing capacities which are better suited towards solar panels of smaller dimensions, therefore it is essential to avoid larger dimension Canadian Solar panels such as the following variants despite the appealing higher watt class:

Canadian Solar Panels
MAXPOWER CS6U-315 | 320 | 325 | 330P
16.2 – 16.97%
MAXPOWER CS6U-325 | 330 | 335P
16.72 – 17.23%
MAXPOWER CS6U-340 | 345 | 350P
17.49 – 18%
KuMAX CS3U-350 | 355 | 360 | 365P
17.64 – 18.04%
HiKu CS3W-395 | 400 | 405 | 410 | 415P
17.8 – 18.79%
The above Canadian Solar panels Perth WA options are no more efficient than a standard 275W-300W Canadian Solar panel as you’ll soon see. They are simply built with greater dimensions to support increased cell capacity, up to 2108 x 1048mm as opposed to 1660 x 992mm.

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Which to consider?

With a majority of Canadian Solar panels comprised of a polycrystalline nature, available roof space will be a major consideration. This isn’t a bad quality, essentially efficiency isn’t often a Canadian Solar panels strongest quality due to an expansive polycrystalline product line. This does though represent greater affordability for the quality at hand due to the manufacturing process.

If available roof space is not an issue then one can afford to selecta less efficient Canadian Solar panel option and enjoy less capital outlay in the overall system cost.

Expansive rooftops can consider:

Canadian Solar Panels
CS6K-270 | 275 |285P
16.5 – 17.11%
CS6K-285 | 290 | 295P
17.41 – 18.02%
KuPower CS3K-275 | 280 | 285P
16.55 – 17.15%
KuPower CS3K-290 | 295 | 300P
17.45 – 18.05%
HiKu CS3L-330 | 335 | 340 | 345P
17.84 – 18.65%

Limited rooftops should consider:

Canadian Solar Panels
KuPower CS3K-300 | 305 | 310 | 315MS
18.05 – 18.96%
SUPERPOWER CS6K-300 | 305 | 310 | 315MS
18.33 – 19.24%

The above Canadian Solar panels Perth WA customers have access to are comprised of what is considered a standard residential solar panel dimension of approximately 1650 x 992mm baring the HiKu CS3L option. Slightly larger in dimension the HiKu CS3L is still considered a residential solar panel at approximately 1765 x 1048mm.

What is the warranty?

Canadian Solar panels are equipped with a 12 & 25 year manufacturer warranty. What does this mean? In a nutshell, the 12-year warranty is the Canadian Solar product warranty for product integrity. While the 25-warranty references the performance degradation of the solar cells. Guaranteeing the panels output at Standard Test Conditions (STC) should not degrade by a certain amount each year.

Canadian Solar Warranty Download >

Canadian Solar Panels Perth WA by PSW Energy

Where are Canadian Solar panels made?

Predominantly between Canada and China where the Canadian made variants supply mainly North American market and the Chinese variants supply the Asia Pacific region which includes Australia.

Assembly location aside, Canadian Solar have strategic manufacturing locations positioned to better service the location of the globe in which they provide.

Canadian Solar Panels Perth Solar Warehouse

What do they cost?

It all depends on which particular Canadian solar panel variant and system size you decide upon.  That and of course your preferred inverter selection. Generally speaking Canadian Solar Panels Perth WA specials, depending on installation specifics, can often be found from:

  • 3kW: $2490 – $3990.
  • 6kW: $2990 – $5990.
  • 10kW: $6990 – $9990.

To keep pricing simple, most advertised Canadian Solar panels Perth WA prices are founded on a basic installation. Those of which the premises of single storey, single-phase, single roof homes. Any installation specific outside of these governing ideals will almost always incur an additional installation expense unless specified otherwise.

Please note that accurate (and often reduced) pricing is currently available in the Canadian Solar Panels Perth WA Product Feature within the latest PSW Catalogue >

Canadian Solar Panels Perth WA Ultimate Guide bonus:

6.5 kW & 10 kW FREE system upgrade. Receive a free upgrade from our popular Canadian Solar CS6K-285P solar panel to the new release, high-yielding, split-cell design of the KuPower CS3K-285P with your preferred inverter selection. Excludes clearance deals.

Mention “KuPower BONUS 2019” prior to buying.

Which is ideal for you?

Now you’ve eliminated approximately half the confusion from a very expansive solar panel range, it’s time to understand how your preferred Canadian Solar panel Perth WA choice will work and perform with your installation through inverter selection. Below are PSW inverter preferences for particular roof types:

2 max roof orientations:

Greater than 3 roof orientations:

Enphase IQ7 by Perth Solar Warehouse
SolarEdge HD Wave by Perth Solar Warehouse

Alternatively, discover your perfect Canadian Solar infused solar energy system in as little as 5 minutes flat with detailed annual yield insights and more. 

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Solar panel selection is often a very daunting task for many. It’s not uncommon to feel completely overwhelmed during the selection process, so make sure you take your time and feel 100% comfortable your product combination. Sometimes, however, truly great deals present themselves, as below, and one must act fast while acting with confidence. Act now and get your unbeatable Canadian Solar price through Perth Solar Warehouse!



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In a nutshell, we’ve lost count of how many variations we could do with our entire  Canadian Solar Panels Perth WA stock. Get in contact via the above link and you’ll be guaranteed the best price for your specific installation. It’s that simple.  

Be good to yourself.

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