See For Yourself – The Best Value Solar Panels Revealed

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Discover Real Value

In a white wash of solar panels available, it's hard to know which solar panels are actually the "best value solar panels" to suit Australian conditions. The best value solar panels or even the best value anything, for that mater is always a combination of at least 2 elements. The ability to deliver above average results over a given time-frame (high performance). Then the possibility to supply such high quality at the lowest possible price.

Introducing SolarWorld solar technology…

SolarWorld is now Germany's number 1 solar panel manufacturer. Having acquired Bosch, Shell & Siemens solar divisions over the last 40 years SolarWorld now have an unmatched experience within the industry. Perth Solar Warehouse has teamed up with SolarWorld specifically to deliver the highest quality solar panels available at the lowest prices in Perth, Western Australia. Creating now a new level of "best value solar panels" for the people of Perth, Western Australia. Don't just take our word for it though, see exactly what SolarWorld solar panels are capable of with this short 2 min video...

The best value solar panels have reliable returns.

The value of reliability should not be forgotten. Consistent function ensures any predetermined values are always upheld and good for the intended life. A Perth Solar Warehouse installed SolarWorld pv system returns on investment approximately 20 -30% Per Annum in energy savings (A breakeven point of about 3.5 - 5 years). The best value solar panels have now been re-defined. Trusted returns with precise German quality at the lowest price.

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