3 of the Best Solar Inverters

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BAFFLED BY CHOICES? It’s especially tough when comparing quality and cost. Below we list 3 of the best solar inverters manufactured in the world today proven in the enduring Australian conditions.

Included are the distinct main advantages to match what ideally will be the perfect choice for your specific requirements. Scroll through to understand the all the information you need to know before committing to solar and which inverter technology will suit you best.

Fronius v SMA v Enphase by Perth Solar Warehouse

Background check.

Already done your background checks on Fronius, SMA and Enphase? Then skip this part and dive straight into comparing the technology side by side.


Fronius, a high-quality range of solar inverters with much innovation and upside especially when considering the inclusion of the Fronius SmartMeter, for deeper analysis and insight. Fronius single phase (Primo) solar inverters also boast a super low minimum 80V DC input voltage requirement – perfect for smaller sets of panels if required.

From humble beginnings, Fronius has been involved in the forefront of DC electrical innovations since 1950 after establishment in Pettenbach, Austria 1945 by Klaus Fronius. Fronius has since established a trusted name in welding technology (1950), Battery charging systems (1958) & solar electronics (1995). Fronius solar inverters remain a testament to its foundations and continue to be quality built-in Sattledt, Austria.

View the Fronius Scorecard & Review


Above: The Fronius range of inverters stand out as a proven reliable performer in the enduring Australian conditions.


For decades one solar inverter manufacturer has been renowned as the pinnacle of technology within the solar energy industry, SMA. Superior design complimented with a precision build quality and SMA has earnt the reputation as one of the most reliable solar inverter technologies suited for the testing Australian conditions. SMA is the definition of technology without compromise.

Founded in 1981, SMA Solar Technology, for decades has been regarded as the world’s most successful and trusted manufacturer of solar inverters. SMA’s success within solar energy isn’t confined either, and it remains the pinnacle of energy conversion technology (solar, wind & battery) for grid connection, off-grid power supplies and backup energy operations. A history of such success is derived only through excellent research & development.


Above: No other solar inverter is more trusted in Australia than SMA.


No other micro-inverter manufacturer has equalled the advancement and reliability of Enphase. Exceptional monitoring capabilities excel Enphase as the industries best eyes on the ground. Enphase presents the user to extract the greatest amount of power possible from an individual solar panel without the dependency of an entire string.

Enphase micro-inverter technology is the world’s largest micro-inverter manufacturer. Founded in 2006 Enphase has earnt a reputation for high-tech quality on a refined level. Where others have tried and failed Enphase continues to excel. Now on the 5th generation microinverter utilising potentially one of the best software packages in the industry, gain maximum solar panel performance from a given space with Enphase micro-inverter technology.


Above: The small inverter with a big heart. Enphase has proven refinement to endure tough climates.

Side by side.

The table below gives you the key insights of these leading inverter technologies, side by side.


  • Austrian, Made in Austria.
  • Over 70 Years of manufacturing success. Developing solar inverters for over 20 years.
  • Central inverter.
  • Single & three phase options.
  • Integrated WLAN interface (Wi-Fi communication).
  • Fronius Solar.Web connectivity – web based monitoring.
  • Dual tracking.
  • Dynamic Peak Manager shadow management technology.
  • 98% maximum efficiency.
  • Graphic display.
  • IP65.
  • 5+5 Year warranty.
  • 7+ Gigawatts of Fronius power installed globally.
  • DC Coupled battery ready.
  • Smart grid ready.
  • Fronius SuperFlex design.
  • Snap Inverter mounting system.
  • Zero feed-in (if required).


  • German, Made in Germany & China.
  • Developing solar photovoltaic inverters & other innovative technology for over 35 years.
  • Central inverter.
  • Single & three phase options.
  • Integrated WLAN interface (WiFi communication).
  • SMA Sunny Portal connectivity – web based monitoring.
  • Dual tracking.
  • OptiTrac Global Peak shadow management technology.
  • 98% maximum efficiency.
  • L.E.D display.
  • IP65.
  • 5 Year warranty.
  • 35+ Gigawatts of SMA power installed globally.
  • SMA Sunny Storage ready.
  • Smart grid ready.
  • Reactive power control.
  • Sunny Explorer – Bluetooth integration.
  • World’s most trusted inverter brand as voted. *IHS PV Customer Insight Survey.


  • Californian, Made in China.
  • Over 10 million inverters installed. Successful manufacture for over 10 years.
  • Micro inverter.
  • Single & three phase options.
  • Envoy WLAN interface (Wi-Fi communication)
  • Enphase Enlighten connectivity – web based monitoring.
  • Single Tracking.
  • Singular inverters, optimum shadow management technology.
  • 96% maximum efficiency.
  • No graphic display.
  • IP67.
  • 10 Year warranty.
  • 10 million Enphase microinverters installed globally.
  • Enphase battery ready.
  • Smart grid ready.
  • Enphase minimalist design.
  • Modular design, expandable with ease.
  • Energy usage monitoring included with Envoy S Metered.
  • World’s largest micro inverter brand.
  • Fronius Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
  • SMA Solar Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse
  • Enphase Solar Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse


Without compromise, the latest range of Fronius inverters delivers high-end results with advanced premium features. An exceptionally adaptable, future-proof inverter which will suit almost any solar energy installation. Combined with the Fronius Smart Meter this inverter is revolutionising the standard solar power system.

Fronius Inverters by Perth Solar Warehouse

Above: Take a Fronius inverter to the next level with a Fronius Smart Meter. Read also: 5 Reason Why You Need a Fronius Smart Meter.


You can’t argue with SMA’s reputation. Long-standing and renowned for being the best, a solar energy system with an SMA inverter is sure to perform exceptionally well in all conditions. A strong build quality outside with the most reliable electronic components inside. It may cost a fraction more, but your investment in high yielding power generation is assured.

SMA Inverters - Perth Solar Warehouse

Above: The new SMA AV-40 Inverters, equipped with a superior connectivity of future energy devices.


Enphase microinverter technology will achieve greater performance from an equally matched standard central/string inverter solar energy system when derating factors are high. The advanced monitoring software is second to none when viewing through the manager portal. With a minimalist design, Enphase is the most flexible inverter technology for simple & complex solar energy installations. A bigger initial investment but the core ability to maximise returns where others will suffer.

Enphase Inverters - Perth Solar Warehouse

Above: Enphase intelligent solar systems with refined energy insight.

Your best option.

The best solar inverters are those selected with a purpose for a particular location, with consideration for both current and future demands. Below is a basic description of the location and the best solar inverters out of Fronius, SMA and Enphase to suit the anticipated demands:

Scenario a

Single or multi-level home with an abundance of available roof area for solar panels, simple access for installation, no shading, and the ability to add batteries easily in the future if need be.


 Fronius or SMA. With the lower purchase cost of a central string inverter technology and the need for module-level optimisation obsolete, a central inverter is an ideal investment.


 SolarWatt MyReserve or LG Chem with SMA Sunny Storage.

Scenario b

Single or multi-level home with minimal available roof area for solar panels or future solar panel expansion, difficult access for installation, partial shading, and the ability to add batteries easily in the future if need be.


Enphase. The big feature for optimum performance in less optimum scenarios, module level optimisation, Enphase microinverters also reduce installation cost in difficult scenarios.


Enphase AC Battery.

Scenario c

Single or multi-level home with enough roof area for solar panels, simple access for installation, partial shading, and the ability to add batteries easily in the future if need be.


SMA (with Tigo Optimisers) or Enphase. When it comes to shading, module level optimisation is the key.


LG Chem with SMA Sunny Storage or Enphase AC Battery.

Each inverter technology has most definitely earned the respect of all professionals within the industry and is exceptional in its own right. Buying either will certainly avail you from any future disappointment. It’s important to remember that each property is unique as to the individual preferences of the owner. So which to choose? Budget will always play a part in any final decision. There is no point though outlaying hard earned money on a capital investment with a product which delivers below expectation.

Get the right tools for the job. Seek advice from a reputable source to accurately evaluate your scenario and present options which work both beneficially and financially as no two scenarios are usually the same. 

Shopping for a state-of-the-art Fronius, SMA or Enphase solar energy system with industry-leading German-made solar panels at the lowest prices?  SHOP NOW > 

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  1. I think you may have to ring SMA and speak to them as to where SMA are now made.

    In Australia we are receiving Chinese SMA products.

    1. PSW Team Post

      Hey James,

      We hear ya! This post was written around the STP TL-20 & the SB TL-21 series which are a German-made product, still available for purchase in Australia. It is true, the SB AV-40 range is no longer made in Germany, at the time, when this article was originally written it wasn’t available in Australia.

      The SB VL-40 1.5 & 2.5 is also a German made product available in Australia, however, if two production variations exist remains unclear. Will do our best to keep the posts updated as the product evolves and be more specific. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. One of the major factors in decision making is price. You have NONE.
    I’m a retired marine engineer and my fist criteria is cost and replacement cost based on life of unit.
    All this solar stuff comes with 5-10 yr warranty. But installers give sfa.
    A cheap chinese unit replaced every 5 yrs may be better than an expensive ABB for instance. Plus there would be upgrades thrown in.
    Solar edge sell 25 yr warranty upgrade for $160.
    That mdans very little when i cant establish the cost of purchase.

    1. PSW Team Post

      Hi Robin,

      Thanks for your perspective. We hear you about the pricing and understand your point 🙂

      Prices are very often circumstance driven to the end user as they incur a level of installation component which is subjective based on the individual installation. Furthermore, each individual installation should also be assessed on its merits for the right technology by an experienced industry professional.

      Most solar arrays require alternative wiring configurations based on the inverter technology incorporated which can also affect the cost. The best advice to get a price would be to obtain at least 3 quotes from alternate providers in your area, assess the specifics of the quotes (which relate specifically to your installation) against each other and try to gauge the failure rate of the recommended components in your part of the world.

      The above product models of Fronius, SMA, and Enphase have all proven to have an exceptionally low failure rate in Perth, Western Australia for an extended period of time given the mass volumes installed and provide the end user an opportunity to expand to additional future energy technologies with ease.

      Hope this helps in your research for the right inverter technology to suit your specific requirements. Happy solar shopping 🙂

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