Acknowledgement & Acceptance


You acknowledge and agree that your electricity retailer may change your electricity retail contract or tariff, as a result of you having us install the System at the Premises, and that you should contact your electricity retailer to obtain details in relation to this. If joining the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme, you understand there are extra costs, including reprogramming or the installation of a new electricity meter and you agree to meet these costs.


You acknowledge and agree that under this agreement you assign all STCs associated with the System and its operation to us, as set out in clause 10, and agree that we may vary the prices under this agreement in certain circumstances, as set out in clause 5. You are satisfied that we have explained the terms of this agreement to you.


You understand that provision to you of this Quote constitutes an offer from us to you on the terms of the Quote and the attached Terms and Conditions in which by signing below, you accept that offer and enter into a legally binding agreement with us on those terms.