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Choose the right 4kW solar system to suit you in 5 simple steps.

Made in Germany | Perth Solar Warehouse is a trusted SolarWorld and SolarWatt certified partner.

1. Select Your Ideal Solar Panel.
BONUS 1: The World’s Best Solar Mounting System Included.


COLOUR CODED TO PERFECTION and built to last the journey with every Perth Solar Warehouse 4kW solar system. Don’t trust your 4kW solar system on anything less. SCHLETTER GmbH.

2. Select a trusted Inverter Technology.
BONUS 2: WEB Production Monitoring To Match Your Inverter Choice.





Installation Upgrade

In-house premium installation by Perth Solar Warehouse trained & accredited technicians.

Battery ready

Battery Guarantee

Proven battery compatible with all batteries in the Perth Solar Warehouse range.

Free Upgrade

Cable Upgrade

Free upgrade to premium German made Hikra low loss DC cable with every central inverter system.

Price Beat Guaranty

Adaptability Assurance

Beautifully adaptable with 95% of Perth homes and businesses.

Certified Partner

Warranty Upgrade

Minimum 10 years on all product and service warranties.

Future Proof

Future Proof

Proven adaptability with future energy needs, storage, optimisation & appliances.

Technical Support

Priority Assist

Expertly trained Perth Solar Warehouse technical support staff on standby to prioritise your needs.


Accellerated Response

Affiliated manufacturer certified installation and service partner.

True Local

Perth Based Support

Perth based local business for service, supply & support.

Customer Satisfaction

Local Express

Refined, localised service area for optimum customer satisfaction and VIP service.

Contact Guaranty

One Point Contact

Deal only ever with Perth Solar Warehouse for anything related to your new 4kW solar system.

No Hidden Charges

Lowest Price

All these big inclusions and above bundled into one refreshing package at the lowest price guaranteed!


No Hidden Charges

No hidden extra charges at any point. Your quoted price is all you’ll have to pay for the best 4kW solar system available in Perth, Western Australia.

5. Get Your 4kW Package Price Fast.


Build your best 4kW price with the features you love | Perth’s largest German solar range.


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Technical Downloads

Economical quality. The SolarWorld poly solar panel is built to compliment capital investment limitations without compromise.

A German made solar panel built to give you more . The equation is simple, same space, more power per watt. Click to download a very powerful datasheet.  

SolarWorld’s stunning BLACK glass-glass, German made, solar panel ticks all the boxes where many don’t. Download the data sheet for this super stylish solar panel right here.  

The revolutionary Glass-Glass Bisun duo German made solar panel captures 360 degrees of available light. Download & discover the latest solar panel technology.

The remarkable Glass-Glass Style, German made solar panel by SolarWatt. An industry leading 30-year product warranty with the refined style of SolarWatt.

The Fronius Primo 5.0-1 is the Austrian manufacturers single phase 5kW inverter of choice for many Australian homes.

The Fronius Symo 5.0-3 is the Austrian manufacturers three phase 5kW inverter of choice for many Australian homes.

The latest version of the world famous Sunny Boy 5kW solar inverter built to adapt to a modern worlds future energy needs in bold fashion.

5kW three phase inverter technology by SMA, proven reliable with a world of satisfied users.

One remarkable system fits any situation. A Schletter ultra-high grade solar mounting system sets an uncompromising foundation for your 4kW solar system. Colour coded and built tough.

Hikra solar cables ensure the most generated energy at any point in time is delivered with high performance optimised cabling.

Excellent, user friendly, free cloud software and mobile app to take control of any 4kW solar production exclusively for Fronius inverters.

Software and mobile app ready to engage additional energy peripherals at any time. Your 4kW solar system is just the beginning.

Super refined cloud based energy software with consumption vs solar energy production on hand any minute of the day. Knowledge is power.

*Product Terms & Conditions.

  1. $1000 minimum deposit required, remaining balance to be paid on the day of installation commencement, before completion.
  2. No interest ever payback prices are based on fortnightly repayments over a 36 month period directly with Certegy Ezy Pay, to approved applicants only.
  3. Standard installation price is based on single level houses with either brick and tile or brick and tin construction, for roof mount only with no added tilt equipment with the array not being split over more than 2 areas on the same roof. Cable distances of no greater than 30m total (AC & DC) from switchboard to inverter and inverter to array.
  4. Any listed price is based on a standard installation, location within 100km of the Perth Western Australia CBD. Beyond this distance  is only a small amount more and absolutely worth an inquiry…
  5. Listed prices, if available include a pre-determined point of sale discount for the total balance of the renewable energy credit allocation (or STC’s – Small Technology Certificates) based on the system size to McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd upon completion of the installation.
  6. No price is final until a site evaluation has been conducted by Perth Solar Warehouse or it’s representatives and delivered in writing to the customer.
  7. Base 4kW solar system price, size and output data is based on the SW290 mono Plus solar panel, selecting other panel variations could affect the system price, size and anticipated output.
  8. Energy output displayed is calculated based on historical solar irradiance and temperature data that is considered general to a Perth Solar Warehouse case study location in Perth Western Australia, factoring in panel tilt at 25 degrees, orientation at 0 degrees (North), and all of the system parameters including system efficiency at 90%.
  9. Emission reduction calculated assumes full output usage and 0.78 kg CO2 / kWh based on Western Australia average (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Measurement) Determination 2008).
  10. Estimated electricity savings assumes full year-round utilisation of generated electricity, and will change based on usage and feed-in tariffs. Savings based on Western Australia average electricity price for 2013: $0.26 / kWh (AEMC Report on 2013 Residential Electricity Price Trends).
  11. This product & pricing shall be read in conjunction with the Perth Solar Warehouse general Terms & Conditions.