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Special Deals | 3kW German Made Solar Power Deal

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3kW German Made Solar Power Deal with over $1000 Off… It’s a SUPER SPECIAL!

This is definitely the best 3kW German made solar power deal in Perth & WA. This amazing package is what we consider the “All Rounder” for any home.

Small enough to fit most roof types and big enough to make an impact. So whats on sale in this 3kw German made solar power package?

  • 12 x 250W high efficiency poly-crystalline solar panels
  • 1 x 3KW GERMAN made SMA transformerless inverter – Runs quieter and cooler than others.
  • Our own in-house premium grade installation – Guarantees the MAX power from any installation.

As per usual this 3kW German made solar power deal only lasts for 4 weeks! So get in early to avoid disappointment, because once this AWESOME solar power deal is gone, it’s gone for good.

A seriously great value 3kW German made solar power deal is just a click away.

This deal has since expired, but see what else is on SALE right now in our Specials

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