Discover superior German made 20kW solar systems built stronger than any other.

The latest solar panel technology

The latest solar panel technology installed 100% battery ready with the SolarWatt MyReserve and Matrix, proven solar batteries made in Germany.

SolarWatt MyReserve Energy Storage
Better Performance.

You work hard for your money. Ensure you get the best return on investment for every dollar spent. PSW Energy’s German 20kW solar systems are guaranteed to produce up to 3 x greater output over the average tier-1 solar panel. Save even more integrating advanced web based PSW Essential monitoring included with every system.

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Built Better.

Solar panel technology Made in Germany at the most affordable prices. Be satisfied you have a remarkable German 20kW solar system built to last the journey.


The most stable environment created for a solar cell on a roof top, German made glass-glass solar technology is without doubt the future of high-grade 20kW solar systems ensuring more kWh’s (units) from any panel by minimising potential losses.

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Glass, cell, glass. The essence of German glass-glass technology, preserves the life of a solar cell for longer than conventional solar panels while also mitigating the effects of environmental impact.



Renowned as the best solar panels on the market today for for build quality and longevity, SolarWatt glass-glass modules provide the greatest ever product warranty, 30-years. Surpassing the Tier-1 solar panel average 20-years.


Combine glass-glass German made solar panels with the world’s best solar inverter technology, Fronius or SMA for the ultimate 20kW solar system. Included is superior production monitoring with live detailed analysis, from wherever you are in the world with an internet connection.


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SolarWorld’s stunning BLACK glass-glass, German made, solar panel ticks all the boxes where many don’t. Download the data sheet for this super stylish solar panel right here.  

The revolutionary Glass-Glass Bisun duo German made solar panel captures 360 degrees of available light. Download & discover the latest solar panel technology.

The remarkable Glass-Glass Style, German made solar panel by SolarWatt. An industry leading 30-year product warranty with the refined style of SolarWatt.