Ranked as one of the best solar companies in Perth by review

Ranked as one of the best solar companies in Perth by review

With enough time, the best solar companies Perth has to offer begin to surface. Over a decade of mainstream popularity and with the internet as a popular research tool, customer satisfaction levels have become apparent with long-standing companies. Companies that have yet to stand the test of time still have untarnished review profiles, or often noticed is the resetting of Google listings to wash away past negativity. Although, the pool depth is evident and easy to determine for any discerning investor.


PSW fast facts

  • 4.9/5 SolarQuotes.com.au: Legendary-rated Installer – Australia Top 7.
  • 4.9/5 Google – greater than 650 reviews.
  • Sunwiz Awarded: Best Rated Installer and Top 5 combined WA (2023).
  • EuPD Research 2023: Top Brand PV Installer – high recognition.
  • Tesla 2022, 23, 24: Premium Certified Installer – Top 5%.
  • Tesla Performance Excellence Award 2024 (Australia) Top 10%
  • Historical online review timeline – greater than 10 years.

Every day, a solar company proclaims to be number one, but by what measurement? If it’s volume, that provides little insight into how a company treats their customers (long-term), especially if the capacity achieved is from completing a few very large jobs in a nominated period. Some will hold onto the highest volume credential in a time that is no longer relevant (consumer expectations have changed in 2024). However, the gauge most customers seek is how the considered best solar companies in Perth evolve while attending to their customers over time, combined with voluminous success as bankability towards an energy investment decision.

Advantageously, customer satisfaction measured over time is publically available and current.

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Gauging customer satisfaction

Two reviewing platforms provide a level of commonality amongst all of the best solar companies in Perth. Google and SolarQuotes.com.au. Alternative platforms exist, such as ProductReview and TrustPilot, but these are marketing machines that reap the rewards when organisations subscribe for benefits and the ability to weed out negativity. Speculation also surrounds legitimacy. Appealing for some but not the most transparent gauge for consumers.

Google is open slather for everyone. It’s an excellent tool to ensure companies are on high alert, even those that have yet to purchase from them. Always be wary of low review counts, no mixed opinions, and reduced review text (frequent reviews of 10 words or less) – when you genuinely love a service, don’t you want to tell the world?

Tip. Spot dubious reviews when comparing:

  1. Pay attention to the names of reviewers (there may be patterns).
  2. The number of reviews reviewers have made.
  3. The average review content/length (is it an obligation or genuine experience).
  4. Assess the lowest reviews to see how a company responds to dissatisfaction.
  5. A small amount of dissatisfaction is a good thing. It provides a measuring stick of the business and performance under pressure.

SolarQuotes.com.au is contentious because paid elements exist for installers. Therefore, solar companies that purchase leads from solarquotes.com.au naturally have more reviews than those that don’t, as the platform always follows up the experience should a lead-purchasing solar company win your work. Unlike alternatives, SolarQuotes.com.au reviews are good for purchasers identifying different elements of installer competency. Those among the best solar companies in Perth have customer reviews here – even the non-subscribers.

 SolarChoice.com.au is similar to the SolarQuotes.com.au website. The installer review section is new, so the review pool is low. Although, their online content is detailed and free for the energy investor doing their research. Due to more likely legitimacy and transparency, solar companies have their reviews listed and prioritised by Google search results.

Facebook’s business reviewing mechanism is as credible as Facebook Marketplace before 2023. It had been rarely supported, and reviews could be purchased from vendors that many exploited. Perth Solar Warehouse Facebook recommendations are genuine but urge customers to exercise caution when comparing companies here.

External: Compiled by diverse platform consumer data over time: Top 10 solar companies in Perth ›

Criterea that can be measured

1) Time is an outstanding measurement. Given that most warranties are 10 years or longer, you need a company that’s been around 10 years or longer with historical online customer experiences. Your system is only as good as its installation company, simple. The longer, the better. Ask yourself, are you buying a dream or a proven energy supply? Choose a company whose guarantee compliments its operational history for greater warranty assurance.

2) Diverse satisfaction, because the internet is so much bigger than one review platform. Often companies will focus on one review website for the purchaser with rose tinted glasses. Comparative reviews on alternative media channels suggest differently and provide greater insight into who are genuinely the best solar companies in Perth WA.

3) Pool depth of aligned platforms. Ignore our choice of reviewing websites. Find multiple platforms that your shortlist of best solar companies has in common. Any two or three, but make sure they are equally comparative (alternative websites don’t qualify). Consistency is what you want to see. Hone in on inconsistency.

4) Locally based, as dealing with the eastern states (or foreign support agencies) could be more fun. Homegrown organisations are hands down the best solar companies in Perth. Local business gets you. We understand local needs and can better assist at times of support. The world is on a sustainable energy journey from 2024. You need local knowledge and experience on your side. 

5) In-house installation gives customers the system execution assurance they desire. In-house installers are more likely to receive regular product care and safety training. Provided the ideal time to perform the job correctly providing no complications towards installer to company warranty disputes.

5) Visual competency away from stock images (there’s a difference). A company proud of its workmanship will display it with in a deserved real-world, native environment showcasing. Many companies won’t. The choice is yours: enhanced aesthetic appeal or the unknown.

6) Goldilocks company (for fun) Not too big, where customers are simply another cosmic element. Not too small, where business stability (warranty certainty) varies. We’re just right as your future energy partner. Example: a personable company invested in your outcomes looks more like this ›

Street view of Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy for Best Solar Companies Perth WA feature article

Local support: Perth Solar Warehouse & PSW Energy, Unit 3/90 Discovery Drive  Bibra Lake, Western Australia.

Customer experience

Some solar companies have reviews. Others have experiences from customers who are embarking on a future energy journey. This section was just for writing that. Okay, that and the cumulative number of reviews/experiences. 

Depth over time is important in this scenario. The volume of high-level experiences sustained over time is a key metric for an informed buying decision. Over 1000 experiences on comparative platforms, the genuine ones. Perth Solar Warehouse customer experiences spanning the last decade:

Tip: Compare the best solar companies on low review count platforms (platforms with less than 50 reviews). Low review count platforms ensure a company isn’t drowning out the negativity on key targeted platforms with reviews that lack substance. A high volume of 3 to 5 word reviews isn’t an experience. It’s an obligation.

Manufacturer satisfaction

Manufacturers rely on dependable solar companies to implement their products, irrelevant of an individual’s accreditations. SAA-accredited installers bounce around from business to business, often with little concern or regard for previous projects. Warranty concerns arise with complexities. Manfacturer-certified partners are the best solar companies Perth customers should seek out. These solar companies will most likely be more knowledgeable about a manufacturer’s recommended installation practices through updated product training.

Perth Solar Warehouse’s leading manufacturer endorsements:

Hassle-free. Because going solar should be easy. PSW has a no-hard-sell guarantee. 

Awards & recognition

Let’s be honest. Certain awards are debatable. Others are a bit token (there’s an award for everything in 2024). Credibility helps, but it seldom makes or breaks a company for consideration. The substance and continuity from recognised industry piers is essential here.

Notable recent awards and recognitions that contribute towards Perth Solar Warehouse being recognised as one of the best solar companies in Perth:

The data behind Perth Solar Warehouse's reviews

Compare Perth Solar Warehouse reviews and attributes under the microscope against other solar companies in Perth for a complete overview of: service, value, sales, installation and aftercare.

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