2015 Perth Solar Specials Autumn Clearance

JUST RELEASED: 2015 Perth Solar Specials | Autumn Clearance

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BIG Perth Solar Specials With More, Lot’s More…

Our biggest sale yet! Whats better it includes every German solar power package we’ve got. Now how about this… Every single SMA solar power package now comes with a FREE SMA Sunny View! Previously this was only available on selected packages, now it’s the entire SMA range. Quite simply if you buy a solar pv system with an SMA inverter, you get the free SMA Sunny View valued at $595.00. We must stress though that we only have a very limited quantity of these essential monitoring devices. Then once their gone, that’s it. We won’t be getting anymore in. This is one of those “one off deals” that really is a “one off deal”.

It’s near on impossible to source these exceptional monitoring devices in Australia. We have great supply links direct from Germany to deliver even more for less. Perth Solar Warehouse is the only place that gives the SMA Sunny View away free with any SMA, German solar pv system.

Do your research and know what you’re getting for every dollar spent.

Perth Solar Warehouse is one of the few companies that offer a “full” German solar pv system. Not just German solar panels & a German inverter. But German mounting systems, German electrical components and Swiss made DC cables (one of the finest “loss minimising” cables around). Essentially the entire system is comprised of quality components that are manufactured to last and more importantly perform in all conditions.

Want a”full” German solar pv system at the cheapest price possible?

Here you go, you’ll be very had pressed to find a better German solar power deal matching the specifications found here. We’ve worked hard, done the research and we can’t even find a better value solar power deal available in Perth, Western Australia, fully installed. If you do, let us know, we will do our best to beat it!

2kW Perth Solar Specials | 2015 Autumn Clearance

3kW Perth Solar Specials | 2015 Autumn Clearance

4kW Perth Solar Specials | 2015 Autumn Clearance

5kW Perth Solar Specials | 2015 Autumn Clearance

6kW Perth Solar Specials | 2015 Autumn Clearance

And remember all Perth Solar Warehouse SMA solar power deals come with a FREE SMA Sunny View!

Limited time and quantity only. The 2015 Autumn Clearance (Our biggest Perth Solar Specials yet) will finish once all marked clearance stock is cleared.

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